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Maria Kreyn's Chapel Of Dancing Shadows

An Immersive Space by artist, Maria Kreyn.  We printed her stunning artwork onto fabric for this remarkable display! 



The Chapel of Dancing Shadows is a space of contemplation, meditation, wonder. It is a communal space serving as art gallery, refuge, and sound bath. The 8-ft walls are covered in delicate drawings— the first 12 images of a developing 150-plate series of works composing Maria Kreyn’s Codex, an allusion to an invented creation myth. The ceiling is an elaborate CNC cut structure, creating the feeling of an arabesque lace canopy. From it hang detailed rafters and a collection of wind chimes, as an ode to the sounds in the temples of Myanmar. 

Find the dancing shadows around 7.30 and half way to the Man at Black Rock City, 2016.

Images Courtesy of Ruprecht Studios

Images Courtesy of Ruprecht Studios